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The Ultimate Guide to a Stress-Free Back to School Experience

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For many parents, back to school is a very stressful experience, and with the early morning activities so tightly scheduled, it can take a while before everyone is back on track, especially after the long summer break. With the stream of leisurely days fast coming to an end, here is a guide to help make the back to school transition a smooth one.

  • Be Prepared – The ideal way to ensure that the first day of school is trouble free is to make the necessary preparations. Starting at least one week before the big day, the family should already be getting up at the required time, and in order for this to be effective, the children need to be in bed early. Getting everyone up and about isn’t enough, as without specific tasks to do, the children will want to drift back to sleep, so make sure you set a work schedule, which might involve cleaning their room.
  • School Wear – This is not something to leave until the last minute, and with online suppliers of primary school wear, you can make a list of everything you need and a single online shopping session should cover everything. The list might be extensive, especially if your child is starting at a new school, and let us not forget sportswear, which is also essential, and with a little help from your child, the list would eventually be complete. This can become an expensive necessity, and by sourcing an online supplier, you would likely pay lower than retail prices, and any saving is welcome.
  • Check the School Website – Any important information about the up and coming start of term would be published on the school website, so make sure you check that there is nothing you have overlooked. There might also be a parents meeting scheduled and if at all possible, you should make every effort to attend, as there might be some important information. This would normally be held on a weekend or perhaps in the evening, and it also gives you a chance to get to know your child’s teacher a little better, and you can discuss your child’s development.
  • Make Travel Preparations – If you are taking your child to school, then you have to ensure that the car is ready, or if the school provides the transport, ask for a copy of the timetable, so your child will be ready on time. If your kids bike to school, then have them give their bicycles a good inspection a few days before the start of term, and if they walk, make sure they wear bright clothing.

Preparation is the key to a smooth transition from the holiday to school routine, and by taking note of all of the above, it is hoped that you can say goodbye to the back to school blues. After a week, everything should have slotted into place and the routine should work like clockwork.


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